Our upholstery and stitching department have undertaken such a variety of jobs in the last year it is difficult to describe all that we do.

Predominately, we manufacture seats, head bump pads, roof panels and side wall panels for the automotive market in various materials including cloth, moquette, Eleather and leather.

We also do subcontract work for specialist furniture supply, design & installation companies.


There are various core and lining materials used in thermal insulation depending on temperature protection required. The materials used for turbo wrap for example can withstand temperatures up to 850 °C

Edges and seams can be taped and for additional durability stitched.

Insulation can be lined internally with mesh to create a gap between the heat source and the thermal barrier material prolonging the life of the insulation.

Industrial snap fasteners can be used to simplify the fitting of wrap around products.


Other projects have involved the manufacture of specialist bags for the electronic industry, high quality cases to carry medical equipment and retaining straps and padded protectors for a specialist mobility chair manufacturer.