All our printing is done using UV technology which eliminates the use of solvents making our printing processes exceptionally eco-friendly. Our Arizona printer has a bed size of 3,050 x 2,600 so the size of your print is only limited by your imagination.


We specialise in high quality decals for areas where there is likelihood of rubbing, mechanical damage, chemical contact or even vandalism. The process involves printing on the underside of an optical grade, heat stabilised polyester material therefore fully protecting the print once fixed in place. These decals are highly scratch and chemical resistant, and graffiti can be removed with alcohols or abrasive cleaning fluids without causing damage.


We can design and cut numerous colours of vinyl in large or small formats or even print specific colours if not available off the shelf. We can also laminate to protect the print. All vinyl’s and laminates we use have a minimum of seven years’ service life.


For stunning finishes glass is the perfect solution. Suitable for home photographs, splashbacks or even commercial walling. Where weight may be an issue polycarbonate offers a lighter and cheaper option. We can print any size, even up to 3m.


Not only do we print on metal we have a laser that cuts metal. Printing onto brushed aluminium or stainless steel can produce amazing results.


Yes, we can even print on wood, very effective for in shop advertising or weddings.


For advertising the main materials used are foam board or Di-bond which is a white-faced aluminium laminate. Both have excellent print adhesive qualities and are very cost effective. For non-permanent advertising, Corex, a corrugated plastic or pvc banner material will be suitable.