Advance Fabrication – the newest division of the business. This highly skilled team use the latest in Fiber Laser technology to fabricate metal parts.

Making anything from basic metal brackets through to intricately designed architectural & decorative items, the team can provide a full design and manufacturing service delivering the product from design to completion.

This team can create, cut, fabricate and finish your product or part in aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium or alloys.

Using the latest in Fiber Laser cutting technology they can cut your metal into the most delicate of designs – your imagination is the limit.

Currently the team make a range of component parts for the automotive and engineering industries on a regular basis and add in a variety of bespoke or one-off pieces as commissioned.

Example Products:

A wide variety of metal parts used in other assemblies

Parts for commercial vehicle construction – buses and agricultural machinery currently

Stainless Steel decorative pieces

Construction & cladding related parts and decorative items